Jeffrey Wilcox

  • Assistant Professor
  • Bethel University

I am a committed humanities educator (religion and theology) who is troubled by the extent to which humanities departments in universities and colleges across have suffered under the mistaken notion that, from the students point of view, "it won't help me get a job." I am convinced that a solid experience in the humanities provides one with the gift of knowing HOW to think about the world we live in. I am, at the same time, no neo-Luddite. I do think that technology has a place in the academy and I am determined to take advantage of that as best I can.

My research interests are in American Religious history, most immediately on the question of the relationship between developing intellectual/theological trends in the 19th century and the role these played in the event of proclamation (the Sunday sermon) as it developed over the long 19th century.

Of this Nicholas Carr you speak of I know nothing. I find Zizek a very interesting thinker and wish I could get more of my students similarly interested in him.