Bilal Rana


I am trained in communication studies and currently working informally on my PhD. My interest is in New Media and religion. I write for alternative and some time mainstream media like newspapers online web sites. I crazy about the new communication technologies and their effects on religiosity and religion. And ever the less Galaga, ahhhhh old times! It was the best game ever but I have to confess after playing third generation, third person shooters I am hooked. So just to share my score I played it today and ended up with a devastating 5000. Carr undoubtedly a Network society philosopher and critic, I personally like his commentary on the evolving nature of reality. He can however in my opinion, simplify his complex narration of technology for the benefit of passive technology users. Zizek as Elvis of cultural theory is capable of challenging the roots of critical theory while still shining as a star within his paradigm. I call him the glorious revolution of neo-marxist thought. My favourite how ever is his debate with chomsky. Personally and professionally I am excited to be a part of this!